What We Offer

Individual Coaching and Consulting 

  • One-to-one intentional coaching for leaders
  • Results through Relationships
  • REST/PACE individual assessment and coaching
  • 6-D Journey coaching program ​(including Tall Trees Leadership Profile)​

​Organizational/Team Leadership Training & Workshop Facilitation 

  • Individual Coaching
  • 6-D Journey of Leadership Coaching 
  • REST/PACE model for Self-Leadership
  • Leadership Team-Building Workshop In Person and/or Virtual (Zoom) (including Tall Trees Leadership Profile for each attendee)

Group Coaching & Facilitation

  • Weekly/Monthly Mastermind Groups (6-9 session commitment) In Person and/or Virtual (Zoom)
  • Various topical Team Coaching Sessions
  • 6-D Leadership Journey Experience (including Tall Trees Leadership Profile for each attendee)

To get more information or purchase a Tall Trees Leadership Profile, which is typically required for each coaching client, (cost is only $26.45 each, and is included in any coaching package) please contact us today!