It has been said that leadership coaching is simply helping people get from "here" to "there".  Whatever your "here" and "there", ConnectionPoint is here to help you make the journey!


Before we take a journey, we must know our starting point; we must clearly define the “here” so we can know how far the journey will be to get “there” (our destination).  Like when you are in an airport or a shopping mall and you find the location map and the encouraging words, “You Are HERE” accompanied by the red arrow pointing out your current location.  There is something reassuring and grounding about knowing your starting point for any journey.  It gives you a sense of awareness to know clearly who you are and where you are before making any significant moves. 

In our 6-D Journey of Growth, our goal is helping you get clear on the "here" and "there" in order to develop a plan and move forward toward your destination, measuring progress along the journey.   So, if you have an idea of where your "there" is, please complete the form and let's discuss how your journey of growth can begin?  

We offer customizable options for the journey of growth including (but not limited to), individual leadership coaching, Mastermind Groups (see client comments below), and team workshops, off-sites and adventure retreats. 

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The 6-D Journey of Growth

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"The 6-D Journey of Growth"

Session 1: DEFINE THE "HERE"--getting clear on where you're at NOW

Session 2: DESCRIBE THE "THERE" --clarity on where you want to go

​Session 3: DIG INTO PRAYER--realizing God is God and you are NOT

Session 4: DEVELOP THE PLAN--steps to get from "here" to "there"

Session 5: DECIDE TO MOVE FORWARD--executing the plan (step one)

Session 6: DELIBERATELY MEASURE PROGRESS--markers along the journey

Once you arrive at your "here", there's always another "there" to go's all about the Journey! Sign up today and let your Journey begin!!

Individual Coaching and On-Line (or face-to-face) Mastermind Growth Groups
I believe that in businesses, nonprofits and especially in the Church, leadership matters!  I have personally witnessed the connection and growth that takes place at a rapid pace when like-minded leaders gather together and add value by honestly discussing leadership topics and learning from/with one another.  It is the entire mission of ConnectionPoint to Connect, Encourage, and Assist Leaders in their personal leadership growth!

That is the concept behind a mastermind group, and this is why I'm inviting you to begin your journey of growth TODAY!!!

What others are saying about Mastermind Groups:

"I had never been in a Mastermind group but was eager to try it. I found the power of six individuals getting together weekly for six weeks very inspiring. Each of us has stated "growth" as our main goal for the group. Indeed I think we all grew on our own personal journey from "here" to "there.  I would recommend a Mastermind with Keith to others who are seeking to grow and get better."

​"Keith will hone and improve your leadership skills with a fresh perspective and help you explore your ability for growth. For many small-group leaders, one of the more intimidating things is facilitating a group discussion. Keith does an excellent job in providing a comfortable and safe atmosphere to express yourself."

"I must admit that prior to starting the Mastermind Group I was a little apprehensive. I didn't know what to expect but felt that the course my life was taking called for me to take a chance and see what it was all about...and boy am I glad I did! This group provided thinking points to take home to improve my thought process and challenge myself. I have grown so much in these six weeks. The only unfortunate thing was the limited amount of time we had together. I would recommend this Mastermind Group to anyone looking to grow in life and in leadership."​

Be INTENTIONAL about your personal leadership growth and sign up today!